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Hello there, I'm Ovidiu. I was previously Engineering Manager at Hootsuite, leading the UI development of the Analytics product. Before that, for over a decade, I've helped build web experiences working with startups, agencies and large organizations.

I'm now helping companies build scalable React apps and creating React Cosmos, a tool for making React development more productive and less error prone.

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What does Cosmos offer?

1. Component-driven development
Cosmos creates an isolated component dev environment, providing a focused developer experience with a quick feedback loop.

2. Component testing re-imagined
Cosmos makes testing UIs straightforward by providing a pluggable API for mocking component inputs, from props and state to http responses and local storage.

3. Living style guide
Cosmos generates an interactive component explorer which can be exported statically and shared across the organization.

Check out for more details.

How does Cosmos fit into your existing development process?

Cosmos works with the tools developers already love and useReact, Babel and webpack. It can also be configured to work with other compilers and bundlers.

Cosmos bridges the gap between designers & developers by creating a single source of truth for UI primitives and enables teams to share a set of common building blocks.

Cosmos integrates with popular testing frameworks like Jest or Mocha and strengthens CI/CD practices by enabling a new set of automated tests.

If you're just getting started...

You need tools that allow you to iterate quickly, without getting too caught up in boilerplate or rigor. But you also don't want to rewrite from scratch after you've grown.

I can help you choose the right tools to start off on the right foot, as well as prepare you for later-stage tech investments to phase in when the time is right.

If you're outgrowing your dev practices...

You need technical foresight to keep up with your ambitions. Your products and teams are growing, but so is your technical debt. It's time to invest in tools.

I can assist your core UI team (or help create it), and design the blueprint for developing web UIs at scale, tailed to your product needs.

Interested in React Cosmos?

Send me a message if you want to get up to speed or if you're interested in ongoing support.

We will collaborate remotely, but I'm also available for on-site training.

Good words

Ovidiu is a consummate UI architecture professional who would be an asset to any organization looking to develop web UIs at scale. With a proven track record building the Analytics UI for Hootsuite, Ovidiu can help your organization scale its front end with React Cosmos.

Ajai Sehgal
CTO EagleView, The Chemistry Group, Hootsuite

Ovidiu was very easy to work with. He’s an expert in React and JavaScript, and a solid software engineer overall. He has a knack for asking the right questions to gather clear requirements, and can use those to develop stronger solutions than you initially envisioned. Highly recommended.

Richard Bolkey
Director of Engineering OneSpot



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