Hello there. I'm Ovidiu. I was previously Engineering Manager at Hootsuite, leading the UI development of the Analytics product. Before that, for over a decade, I've helped build countless web experiences working with startups, agencies and large organizations.

I ❤ user interfaces. Both as a central component in solving important problems and a means to express creativity. My dearest project is a tool for designing reusable components—a UI for UI developers. Here's my GitHub profile for more.

I am available for React & JS consulting.

Choosing the right tools is paramount when building a product. The proliferation of web frameworks made prototyping easy, yet the abundance of options often leads to over-engineering, causing the initial productivity to go downhill in time. Starting from scratch every two years is unproductive.

Whether you're getting started or already stuck in a hairy codebase, I can save you months of headache. From software audit and design, to mentoring and pair programming, I will help you adopt the best tools and practices to support your needs. Leaving out unnecessary tech is as important as selecting the right one.

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Open to remote and on-site sessions.

Not a company? I have lower rates for individuals and offer a few hours of pro bono work per month if you need a hand to get started. Reach out.